10 Tax Breaks for New Homeowners

Tax breaks

Why not take advantage of these amazing tax breaks offered through December 2016?

They say the only things you can count on in live are death and taxes. But what about tax breaks? Every year the IRS encourages people to buy homes and perpetuate the economy by offering millions of dollars in tax breaks. So how can being a homeowner actually save you money in 2017? Let’s take a look at just some of the tax breaks offered to homeowners!

Points for Home Mortgage

Did you know that the interest on your mortgage is actually deductible? Each dollar you spend on your interest is actually translated into a point value. According to a principal tax research analyst at H&R Block, you will receive points for each dollar you spend on your interest. One point is actually equal to one percent of the principal loan amount. This deduction could be paid out over the length of your mortgage payment or paid all at once.

Property Taxes

Anyone who has ever paid property taxes knows it is a lot of money. But not everyone knows that most property taxes are actually tax-deductible. Although not everything on your tax bill may be refunded, some of the main tax amounts might be.

Residential Energy-Efficient and Renewable-Energy Tax Credit

Whether your new home is already energy-efficient or you have taken the steps as a homeowner to make it efficient, this is your chance to recoup some of your efforts. Things like adding storm doors, new energy-efficient windows, asphalt or metal roofing, and HVAC system could give you a credit of up to $500. This credit runs year to year but has been extended through December 31, 2016, so be sure to take advantage of it this year. If your home uses renewable energy like solar or wind power, you could be in eligible for a tax break of up to 30 percent of your equipment and installation costs.

There are many other tax breaks that could be earning for your home. For more information on buying a home and earning some of these homeowner tax breaks, call Simply Referable today!

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