4 Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners

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What should you do when you finally have the keys? Check out your new home’s home security.

Being a new homeowner comes with a lot of risks that you may not be used to. From the risk of flooding to the risk of burglary, it is important for first-time homeowners to think about every possible thing that could occur in their new home. But one of the most important things you should do when you first move into a new home is to think about home security. While it may seem like a secure neighborhood during the day, most robberies occur at night. So how do you protect your new home and your loved ones? With these home security tips for first-time homebuyers.

Tips 1: Meet Your Neighbors

While it may seem like the last thing any new homeowner wants to do, meeting your neighbors is essential to keeping your home secure. Talk to your neighbors about the latest neighborhood crimes concerns and what kind of tips they can recommend for your specific home. Getting to know your neighbors can also lead to an increased awareness of criminal behavior in neighborhoods and reduce your risk of being a victim.

Tip 2: Perform a Home Security Audit

Once you have moved into your home, it is important to inspect all of your home’s entry points and to identify any areas where locks are malfunctioning or outdated. If you notice any locks that are not working properly, then it is time to replace them. This includes window, rear door, and any other exterior doors or entry points. You may want to consider changing these locks away if you are not sure how many people have keys to them. Make sure to re-code your garage door opener as well, to keep unwanted visitors out.

Tip 3: Don’t Rule Out DIY Systems

Have you ever seen the commercials for wireless alarm systems? Well, don’t rule them out just yet. This means you won’t have to pay for installation or a monthly fee for monitoring. If the alarm is activated, a loud siren will sound, which may scare off the burglars.

Tip 4: Consider Financial Benefits

Not only will checking your home’s security benefit your actually home, it will also benefit your wallet. A home security system can give you up to 10 percent off of your home insurance, leaving you with a safer home and more money in your pocket each month.

Save money and save your family with these first-time homeowner home security tips. For more information on buying your first time, call Simply Referable today!

Home Security Tips with Simply Referable

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