7 Home Selling Mistakes

Selling mistakes

Don’t make these selling mistakes!

There are a million things to do when selling your Sykesville, Maryland home. But when you are rushed and overlook some of the details of selling your residential home, it could lead to mistakes. So what are some mistakes you should be aware of and how do you avoid them? By trusting your Simply Referable real estate agent!

1.     For Sale by Owner

Trying to sell your Sykesville home on your own is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. Selling a home includes a lot of steps that need to be done but when you sell it on your own, you don’t have someone to guide you. Homeowners who sell their home without a real estate agent end up selling their home at a lower price or not at all. So when you think about selling your home, talk to a Simply Referable agent to guide you.

2. Over- or Under-Pricing Your Sykesville Home

Over or under pricing your home can be a costly error. Mispricing your home in either direction can lead to people writing your home off. Overpricing your home could lead to the right buyers not even looking and under pricing your home could mean a loss in profit or even having to pay out of pocket. Make sure you and your agent talk about the comparable homes in order to understand what price you should ask.

3. Neglecting Repairs

Repairs can really add up in your home. But when you don’t take care of them by the time you list your home, it can mean a costly loss in profits. Rather than have buyers run screaming from your home because of its faults, make sure to fix them before listing. If your problems are evident, potential buyers could ask for less money or credit back to work on the problems.

4. Not Tidying Up

De-cluttering your home is an important step to listing it. Not only will it help you show off your home in the right light, but it will also make it more attractive in pictures that will be used in marketing. Tidying up will help to make your home feel bigger and will help to draw your potential buyers’ attention to the features in your home.

5. Skimping on Marketing

It is simply not enough to list a home in the newspaper or on a website. In today’s world, it is extremely important to list your home on multiple websites as well as on social media. You could have a beautiful home but without the right photos posted on the right sites, no one will ever get to see it. Use a variety of methods including sides outside your Sykesville home, newspapers, open houses, and internet listings will let potential buyers see the house and contact your agent for a viewing.

6. Listing a Vacant House

While it is important to de-clutter your home, it is equally important not to list a vacant home. Selling a home with defined rooms is extremely important. If you have already moved out of your home or you are sending it across country, make the investment in a home staging company to define the spaces in your home.

7. Getting Emotional

Getting emotionally involved in your house sale is not a good thing. We know how you feel about your home, but it is time to move on. Selling your house could mean that you need to change some things. Go with a neutral color on the wall even if you painted it when your daughter was born. You can keep the memories, but make sure to make your home perfect for buyers.

There are plenty of mistakes you could make when selling your Sykesville home. But with a Simply Referable real estate agent at your side, your home will be sold in no time with limited mistakes!

Avoid These Selling Mistakes with Simply Referable

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