Cheap Home Staging Tips

A key component about selling your home is how you stage it. The first impression of the inside and outside of the house is everything. Home staging does come with many expenses. The easy way out is to hire a home staging service. Home staging services can ask for a lump sum of money that

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Things to Look for In Your First Home

While in the old days people spent short amounts of time in starter homes, a troubled market and economy means that people are staying in their first homes for the long haul. This makes choosing that home wisely an absolute necessity. From the price to other important details including landscape maintenance, here are important things

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First impressions truly are everything when it comes time to sell your home. Many people know from simply standing outside of a house whether they would like to live there or not, making it hard to win a potential buyer over if your home does not leave the best first impression. One way to do

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How Home Maintenance Affects Selling a House

Fall is one of the best times for you to sell a home. But in order to sell it, you have to first maintain it. Home maintenance can be the biggest pain, but it is important to make sure your home looks presentable at all times. While it may not seem like that big of

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4 Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Being a new homeowner comes with a lot of risks that you may not be used to. From the risk of flooding to the risk of burglary, it is important for first-time homeowners to think about every possible thing that could occur in their new home. But one of the most important things you should

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What Do You Learn From a Homebuyer Education Class?

When you are in the market for a house, you may have several things on your mind like where to look, commuting times, school districts, and even financing. But one of the last things on people’s minds is how to get a lower price for their home. In recent years, the U.S. government has made

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Choosing a House Style

Buying a home is a big step but it can feel even bigger when trying to decide what kind of home is for you. Whether you want the traditional Baltimore row home or a single family Cape Cod, it is important for you to make this decision before looking for your perfect house style. Let’s

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How Being a Transactor or Revolver Affects Your Mortgage

Did you know that many credit borrowers are considered either a transactor or a revolver? But what exactly do these terms mean and how being one affect your mortgage? Read on to find out!

Top Ways to Stop Scaring Your Buyers

We all love Halloween but no one wants to scare away their potential buyers. Instead of focusing on the graveyard scenes in your front yard and other spooky decorations for Halloween, let’s focus on some ways to stop scaring off your potential buyers.

Buying a Foreclosed Home with an FHA Loan

Tough economic times have your important results for the housing market: an increase in the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and the increase in amount of foreclosed homes available. An FHA loan allows homebuyers to buy a home when they would not otherwise be able to. When combined with a foreclosed home, homebuyers are able

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