Staging Your Westminster Home for the Holidays

It is the time of year when our homes are packed with holiday decorations and goodies to celebrate our favorite holidays. While many people would advise not decorating your home, these decorations can improve your home when they are done tastefully. Let’s check out some of our favorite holiday staging tips for your Westminster home!

Listing Your Annapolis Home During the Holidays

As the winter holidays settle into the area and cold weather sweeps in, you may be thinking it is time to move in the spring. But what are you waiting for? You may think you can only list your Annapolis home during the spring and summer, but there are many reasons to list your home

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Steps to Buying a Home in Towson, Maryland

Often thought of as a college town, the town of Towson, Maryland offers a lot more than just a college bar atmosphere. With a population of nearly 60,000 residents, this town is full of schools, restaurants, professional office buildings, shops, and much more. With so many families looking for a new start, how do you

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How to Hire the Right Real Estate Agent in Ellicott City, Maryland?

You have finally decided it is time to move out of your apartment and buy your first home in Ellicott City, Maryland. Hiring the right real estate agent is key in order to find the right home for you. But how do you find the real estate agent that is right for you?  

The Selling To-Do List

You have finally decided it is time to sell your residential property. Before you sign up with Simply Referable to sell your home, there are some projects you should think about doing. Let’s check out some projects you should tackle before listing your home for sale.

Pictures to Take at an Open House

The average buyer will see around five or six homes during their time searching the market. This isn’t to say you will only see five houses. Many buyers will see more while some buyers will see fewer homes. At the end of yet another viewing day, can you recall how many homes you saw and

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Tips for Selling Your Home this Fall

When you decide to list your residential property for sale in the fall months, it can be hard to sell. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. It will take patience and some know-how in order to get your home sold before the spring. Let’s take a look at these house selling tips!

Things to Consider Before Selling a Luxury Home

There are many things that should be done before you being selling your residential property. From signing the sales documents to fixing the last minute things, there is a lot of to do. But before listing your home on the residential sales market, it is important for you to consider several different things.

A Perfect Moving Day

  You just settled on your new house and your Simply Referable real estate agent just handed you the keys. The countdown to your 60-day move just began. So what do you do now? Moving is stressful and exciting all at once. But we are here to help you get your entire house organized and

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Moving with Pets

Moving with pets is never easy, but there are some things pet owners can do to make the transition easier. Whether you are moving into your first house or downsizing with a cat, we can help make the transition easier. So to help celebrate National Cat Day, we thought we would go over some of

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