How to Get a Mortgage When You Are Self-Employed?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to being self-employed, but working for yourself can make it tricky to obtain a mortgage.When you work with a qualified team of realtors, however, you’ll find out all the ins and outs of obtaining a mortgage that works for you. Let’s jump right in and review

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Safest Places for Singles to Live in Maryland

When you are single and buying a home, safety is one of your top priorities. To help you decide where you should be looking for a safe-haven, let’s take a look at some of the safest places for singles to live in Maryland.

What is Escrow and How Does It Work?

Escrow is not a term we use every day. But for the homebuyer or home seller, this term could come up in a general discussion. So what does it mean? Let’s take a look!

Celebrate Earth Day by Selling Your Home

Researchers have estimated one million American homes will be used solar panels over the next few months. If this prediction comes true, the number will have grown marginally as only 30,000 U.S. homes have used solar power in the past decade. But despite its grown in popularity, some potential solar users are still undecided about

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10 Things Homebuyers Don’t Think About: Part 2

There are many things you should think about going into the home buying process. From budgets to wish lists, there is plenty of things you should be thinking about but never do. Let’s take a look at six more things homebuyers don’t think about but should.

10 Things Homebuyers Don’t Think About: Part 1

Buying a home is an extremely stressful process. It can be even more stressful if you are unfamiliar with the process. But for first-time homebuyers, there are some things you should think about before purchasing a home. Let’s take a moment to discuss some of these things.

Avoiding the Closing Nightmares: Part 2

Have you ever had that nightmare where you didn’t wear pants during a speech or were ill-equipped to deal with a stressful situation? Well, your closing doesn’t have to be scary. With the right real estate agent and information, you will be well equipped to deal with these closing nightmares. Don’t throw up your hands

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Selling the Unsellable: Tips to Selling a House That Won’t Sell

The average home in Maryland could be on the market for up to 53 days. While this may seem like a long time, it could take even longer for above or below average homes to sell. So if your home has been on the market for longer than expected, it is important not to get

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Avoiding the Closing Nightmares: Part 1

Murphy’s Law says “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and when you are buying a home, there are a lot of moving parts that can go wrong. Things can change in the blink of an eye so before you throw your hands up in the air and give up, there are some things

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Single and Buying a Home: What Should You Know?

Whether you are a divorcee or are a young professional, you may be thinking about buying a home on your own. While some people think it may seem impossible to be single and buying a home, it is possible if you make smart decisions. Let’s take a moment to talk about what you should think

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