The Different Types of Homes for Sale

When it comes time to buy a home, there are plenty of options on the market. But how do you know what kind of home you are looking for? If you’ve narrowed it down to the style of home, what types of homes should you be looking for? From foreclosures to standard sales, there are

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What is Comparative Market Analysis?

Most people underestimate the power of a good price when selling a home, but it is some one thing that can set you apart from other homes on the market. But how does your agent choose the right price for your home? It is done by a science known as the Comparative Market Analysis. But

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Why Should You Stage Your Severna Park Home?

Staging your Severna Park home is a useful tool not many homeowners think to use. But with a competitive market, it could mean the difference between a sold home and a lost deal. Why should staging your Severna Park home be one of the top priorities for every homeowner? Let’s take a look at the

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Best Cities in Maryland for Growing Families

Families all over the country will start looking for their new home after the new year, but do you know where you should look in Maryland? Take a look at these Maryland communities for your budding family.

Decluttering Your Halethorpe Home to Sell

  As you list your home for sale, now is the perfect time to declutter your Halethorpe home. Not only will this process help you get emotionally ready to move out, but it will help buyers see the true potential of your home. Buyers will see the features of your property without being distracted by

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The Cost of Selling Your Baltimore City Home

When you speak with anyone who has just sold a home, there is a good chance you’ll hear them grumble about how their profits were undercut by unexpected expenses before and during the sales process. With some know-how and careful planning ahead, you can be prepared to make the most off of selling your Baltimore

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The Dangers of Overpricing Your Maryland Home

There are many reasons not to overprice your home, but one of the biggest is because it simply won’t sell. When you overprice a home, the odds of it selling are stacked against you. No one wants to offend the buyer by offering less than the asking price and no one wants to get into

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Making a Winning Offer in Catonsville, Maryland

Whether you are buying your first home or moving for a new job, moving can be a confusing process. From seeking out the right real estate agent for you to actually submitting a winning offer, this process can scare even the most confident buyer. It can be even more frustrating when you are competing in

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Different Types of Mortgages in Reisterstown, Maryland

As a new homebuyer learns more and more about mortgages, their eyes start to glaze over and heads start to spin because of all the options! You’ve probably heard the terms FHA, VA and conventional (fixed) mortgage, but all the terms in any type of mortgage can seem overwhelming. But what kind of mortgage is

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How Does a School Impact the Price of a Home?

There are many things that can impact the price of a residential property in Columbia, Maryland, from the grand fireplace in the living room to the updated kitchen to the neighborhood. But one of the main things that can impact the price of a home is the schools in the area. A top-notch school can

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