Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall

Buying a house this fall

Don’t let the fall season scare you off from the home of your dreams. Use this time to buy the home, not the curb appeal!

Most home buyers will start looking for a home in the spring when the snow has finally gone and the flowers start to bloom. But there is a certain advantage to waiting for the fall to buy a home. Let’s take a look at all the advantages fall buyers have!

Leftovers are Not Just for Thanksgiving

When the east coast finally thaws out for the spring, buyers seem to jump at the chance of putting their homes on the market. This surplus of inventory can only mean one thing, leftovers. Not every buyer on the market will actually buy the home they are looking for. Either funding fell through, they decided it wasn’t the right time, or maybe the buyer decided to more to another county or state. This leads to leftover homes still on the market. Sellers who leave homes on the market tend to lower their home’s price every few months in order to entice new buyers into their homes. Around October, owners become desperate to sell their home that they lower prices below true market value.

Thinning the Competition

Families want to find a new home in the beginning of the summer so they do not have to interrupt their child’s routine in the beginning of the school year. This means most families will stop looking around mid to late August as they begin gathering their school supplies for the year. Fall is the time of year when the competition thins out, making room for other buyers to enter the market. This will give more room to the people outside of the family range such as the “baby boomers” and the “singles.” You will also notice the lack of open houses in the area, which means there is a great opportunity to making an offer.

Landscaping and Flaws

Although landscaping is extremely important when you buy a home, it shouldn’t be the only thing you like about it. When summer landscaping starts fading, a house may not get as many bites at it normally would. This can be a useful tool for buyers. Buyers will be able to see all the flaws in a home before even setting a foot inside. You’ll be able to see cracks in the porch, an open drain in the front yard, and other flaws that could be easily hidden by perfect landscaping. You will also be able to see and feel flaws that you couldn’t necessarily find in the summer months. You’ll be able to feel if the windows are new and thick or old and worn, if there is a draft problem, and even if the plumbing has issues. Sellers with flaws in their home will be extremely motivated to sell and could see after fixing everything that is wrong.

Sellers become extremely motivated to sell their homes around the holidays and close to the end of the year. But if you see the perfect home for you, be sure to contact your Simply Referable real estate agent before it goes off the market!

Simply Referable Can Help You Find Your Dream Home!

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