Cheap Home Staging Tips

Home staging kitchen

Home staging country-style kitchen interior with modern integrated appliances

A key component about selling your home is how you stage it. The first impression of the inside and outside of the house is everything. Home staging does come with many expenses. The easy way out is to hire a home staging service. Home staging services can ask for a lump sum of money that can be saved if you learn and know tips about home staging. Simply Referable has ways to save money while you set up your house to wow potential buyers.

Tip #1.

Yard Sale – Try to do a yard sale. There are always clothes, toys, accessories, or home appliances that you don’t use in your house that can be sold. “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” comes to mind when you sell the things you don’t use anymore.

Tip #2.

Donate – If the clothes or accessories you have don’t sell then you can always donate to Salvation army, Goodwill, or any thrift store nearby. Also, ask family members if they could use some extra clothes or hand me downs.

Tip #3.

Cleaning – A clean house is essential to the appearance of your home. Not many people will buy a home that is full of junk and dust left by the owner. Having a squeaky-clean home may require paying a cleaning service. Another option is if you have a large family or friends that are willing to help clean then go ahead and clean as a group.

Tip # 4.

Landscaping – Make sure the grass is cut, the bushes have been trimmed, and that flowers have been planted. Trees add a nice feeling and atmosphere to your home. The greener, the better. Flowers add a nice welcoming touch. Check out nice landscaping that Baltimore neighborhoods have to offer here at Simply Referable.

Tip #5.

Lighting – Create a welcoming ambiance with lighting. Good lighting provides a sense and feel of safety in the home. A certain amount of lighting in certain rooms set the mood just right for a family dinner or a movie night in the living room.

Tip #6.

Smell – Make sure to spray your house with freshener. Another good way to get a good smell is to cook some baked goods. Try to make some chocolate chip cookies or some cupcakes that bring a welcoming smell into the house.

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