Common Seller Pricing Objections

Price objections

You may have some objections to the pricing for your home. But how can you deal with them?

Listing your home on the market is a huge step for any homeowner. But this step does not come without its challenges. When pricing your home, it is important not to over- or underprice the property. But what happens when you think your home is worth more than it is? Let’s take a moment to talk about the common objections sellers have to pricing their home correctly and how to address them.

“I Can Always Drop the Price Later, Right?”

The goal of selling any home is to sell it as quickly as possible. From the moment you sign your contract with your Simply Referable real estate agent to the moment your home sells, we are in a race. No one wants their home to sit on the market for months on end waiting for the right buyer who is willing to pay for an overpriced home. Overpricing a home could deter buyers from even looking at the property. It is better to start off at a good price than to drop it four or five times as it sits stale on the market.

“I’m Not Going to Give the House Away.”

When faced with a listing price lower than expected, sellers can feel like they are losing money and giving the house away. While it isn’t the case, keep in mind that the home is only worth what a buyer will pay for it. Current market conditions have a lot to do with pricing a home and should be considered before you fight with your agent too much.

“I Paid More for the Home When I Bought It!”

Selling a home that you have grown to love can be hard. But selling a home for less money than you paid for it is even harder. But inflation and the current market conditions can make your home’s price below what you paid for it a couple years ago.

“I Put a Lot of Money into this House, it Should Be Worth More!”

Before doing any improvements in your home it is important to do the research. Doing a little research will help determine if the price of your upgrades will be worth it in the end. People take pride in their upgrades, but if you aren’t going to recoup the cost when selling your home then try another upgrade. Avoid over-improving your home and save your money for your forever home.

Pricing your home is the most important part of selling, but when sellers object it can make the process more challenging. Let Simply Referable price your home and you’ll be packing before you know it!

Pricing Objections with Simply Referable!

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