Downsizing to Smaller Homes

Small is Better When it Comes to Residential Sales

Small is Better When it Comes to Residential Sales

In years gone by, buying a bigger house was seen as a status symbol.People typically bought big houses to show they could afford bigger bills, bigger families, and bigger maintenance fees. But in recent years, people have been downsizing to smaller homes in an attempt to win the war against stuff. The old adage is not always right, size doesn’t always matter and bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Downsize is the Right Size

Everyone deserves a house that can both grow and shrink with the size of the family. This is not a difficult requirement in a forever home. When attempting to buy a house, think about maintenance. Will it be expensive to insure, pay taxes on, heat or cool? Can it be kept clean without the help of children begging for allowances? Will you feel comfortable in the home as an “empty nester?” A forever home should not have a time limit that expires when you no longer have help or people to fill the spaces.

What Will it Cost

Does the house force you to buy a bunch of new things to make it feel less empty? Many new homeowners buy things that do not fit in well with their style just to fill the voice of a large house. If you don’t have space to put that 60 inch flat screen TV, perhaps you can settle for a moderately priced 40 inch instead. Can you be happy with the items you already have? The point of buying the new home is to feel comfortable. According to an article on, buildings contribute to one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Smaller houses are also more Eco-friendly because they make a smaller carbon footprint. When you buy a house, you aren’t just buying a pre-made thing. Houses cost materials used to build the structure, the fixtures inside of it, then the continual need to either heat or cool the inside, gas or electric appliances, and even the gas to mow the lawn. These make a difference in how big of a footprint houses make in the environment. A house is not to be bought on a whim, but something to be considered when making the decision to buy a status symbol house or a forever home.

Simply Referable Can Help You Make The Decision to Downsize

The small team of realtors at Simply Referable is deeply focused on creating a memorable selling experience for you and your family. Each of our team members has an area of expertise, and we strive to form lasting bonds with each of our clients. We want to be your go-to realtors every time you or a friend wants to make a change. With local experience, our realtors can help you choose a house that is just the right fit for your family, now and forever. Contact us online or give us a call at 410-983-9045.