Celebrate Earth Day by Selling Your Home

Earth day

Make Earth Day a happy day by upgrading your home!

Researchers have estimated one million American homes will be used solar panels over the next few months. If this prediction comes true, the number will have grown marginally as only 30,000 U.S. homes have used solar power in the past decade. But despite its grown in popularity, some potential solar users are still undecided about this new venture. So does this mean solar panels are a big selling point for your home? Let’s take a look at how these panels could affect your home sales.

Feature, Fixture, or Finish

Any real estate experts will tell you that buyers pay for features they can touch, feel, and show off to their loved ones. A spa-like bathroom and a chef’s kitchen are two major selling points with buyers. But what about improvements the buyers can’t see? Many buyers will not pay extra for things they can’t see or appreciate like a new roof, boiler, or plumbing. What about green features? Green features fall in between these two categories. Since there is a certain amount of “cool factor” in solar panels or an energy-saving thermostat with smartphone capabilities, buyers may be willing to pay extra. But less reclaimed hardwood floors or air filtration systems may not be something a buyer is willing to pay top dollar for.

Money in My Pocket?

When thinking about making your home eco-friendly, think about what factors buyers would pay for. Eco-friendly upgrades without a cool factor may not excite consumers into spending top dollar. But if your home has money saving capabilities, that could mean something different. People enjoy saving money just as much as showing off their home so try to stick with upgraded green technology to help earn you some of your money back.

When thinking about upgrading your home to sell, you should think about going green for Earth day! For more information on selling your green home, call Simply Referable today!

Going Green for Earth Day with Simply Referable

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