Home Improvement Projects for Selling Your Home

Fresh start for sellers

Doing these upgrades will help sell your home, earning you a return on your investment as well as a fresh start!

Every family knows when it is time to think about moving. Whether your family has outgrown your home or you just aren’t happy, there will always be a time when you have the realization that it is time to move. But before you put your home on the residential sales market, it might be a good idea to do some upgrading to help sell your home. There are many benefits to spending time and money on your house. Your home will not only stand out, but for many of these projects, you will get a major return on investment. But where should you start?

First Project

The first room in your home you should focus on is the kitchen. Kitchens are where people congregate and where a majority of your waking ours are spent, so it should be warm and welcoming for potential buyers. The first step is to take down the dated wallpaper, boarder, and other dated wall elements. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint with a neutral color or with a color that will accent your countertops. Now think about new cabinetry and countertops. If your cabinetry is in good condition, swap out the handles to give it a fresh look. If they aren’t in good condition, go to your local home improvement store for a new look. Although buyers love the idea of a granite countertop, go for another stone that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Try choosing options like quartz, soapstone, marble, recycled glass, or Corian. These options cost about the same as granite but are easy to take care of and just as durable. Not all buyers like stainless steel appliances. When looking to buy new appliances, it is important they match and will go with your color scheme. Choose a sleek design that will fit into the space well. Update the fixtures like the lighting, sink, and faucet to give your kitchen a complete look.

Second Project

The second project on your list should be the bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the most visited rooms in your home and could sink a potential sale if it isn’t appealing to buyers. To boost your home’s resale value, updating is essential. Take down dated tile and select something neutral for the space. Carrying over the countertops and cabinetry from your kitchen into the bathroom can also be a feature buyers will appreciate. Changing the flooring can also give the space a new lease on life. Update fixtures with something modern for buyers to admire.

Giving your home a quick update in the kitchen and bathrooms can help your space feel new and will definitely help you see a return on your investments. To give buyers something else to admire, think about using energy efficient appliances as well as fixtures in your home. Go green, update the kitchen and bathroom and your home will sell in no time!

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