How to Hire the Right Real Estate Agent in Ellicott City, Maryland?

Hiring the right real estate agent

Finding the right real estate agent for you begins with the first meeting.

You have finally decided it is time to move out of your apartment and buy your first home in Ellicott City, Maryland. Hiring the right real estate agent is key in order to find the right home for you. But how do you find the real estate agent that is right for you?  

Talk to Client

Think of the first meeting with your potential real estate agent like a job interview. Ask them for a list of homes they recently listed and sold within the past year. This will give you an idea if the agent is good at their job or putting in the bare minimum to get by. Ask agents if they have anyone on the list that is particularly pleased or disappointed in their performance. Call a few numbers on the list to see if they would recommend the agent. Remember that not everyone will like everyone else so take these reviews into consideration but remember to look into other things as well.


It is important to find a real estate agent who abides by the terms of their license. Each state has its own licensing board and disciplinary actions for agents. Check with your state to find out if your potential agent has been disciplined for any reason or if they have complaints against them. Do some general research and reviews online to see if you could see yourself working with the agent. Another thing you should look for with the license is how long they have been licensed in Maryland. This will help you determine if the agent is actively engaged in a particular area and price range.


Just as medical professionals have letters after their names for specializations, so can realtors. A CRS means they are a Certified Residential Specialist and have completed additional training in handling residential sales. SRES means they completed training aimed to help buyers and sellers over the age of 50 as a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

While there is a lot of work to do while buying your new Ellicott City home, you should not rush through the process of finding the right agent for you. Remember to find an agent who is Simply Referable!

Selling Your Home with Simply Referable!

The small team of realtors at Simply Referable is deeply focused on creating a memorable selling experience for you and your family. Each of our team members has an area of expertise, and we strive to form lasting bonds with each of our clients. We want to be your go-to realtors every time you or a friend wants to make a change. With local experience, our realtors can help you choose a house that is just the right fit for your family, now and forever. Contact us online or give us a call at 410-983-9045.