Moving With Kids

House Hunting with Kids

Make children feel included in the decision making process by inviting them on your house hunt!

Most couples start out in a small one or two bedroom house, planning to move soon after their children come along. After your children arrived, life got busy and became complicated. Now your children are growing up and you have outgrown your starter home. But how do you move with little children? Here are some tips to make moving easier on you and your children!

Before the Hunt

Before hunting for a home, talk to your children about moving. This will help your children prepare for the change ahead. Be patient with your child’s questions as this process could be confusing and scary for someone who has spent their entire life in one place. Involve your children as much as possible in this decision. Let them explore the area and potential homes with you.

During the Hunt

When moving with your child, it is important to make safety a priority. Is this neighborhood truly safe? Does the house have any hazards? Think about your children’s habits when explore a new place. If they have a habit of exploring unknown territory like opening drawers or doors, it could be best to leave them at home until the search is narrowed down a bit. Work with your Simply Referable real estate agent to make sure the houses you are seeing has things you’d like nearby. If your child loves to play soccer, look for a place near an open field for practices. If you are planning an entire day of showings, leave your children at home with a sitter or plan breaks in between showings for some play time in the park or snacks. If your children want a job, have young children keep a checklist with your help or seek out closets in the home. These tasks will keep them occupied and included.

During the Move

Moving is a lot of hard work and may be something you want to do without your children getting underfoot. The morning of moving day, send your children to family member or close friend’s house to play while you get things moved into your new home. As you are packing, let your children help you pack their own toys. Let them leave one or two items out to play with before you are able to unpack their new room. Store these toys as well as clothing, toiletries, bedding items, clean towels, and any other items you think you will need that day into a plastic container. Mark the container so you will be able to find it when the movers leave. This box will help get your family going if you aren’t able to unpack right away.

These tips will help make your children feel less anxious about moving to a new home. An important part of moving with children is communication. Tell your children you would like to me so they are able to mentally prepare and adjust to the change ahead of time. For more information on moving with children or to get your moving process started, call the Simply Referable real estate team today!

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