Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets

Moving with any animal can be stressful, but with a little planning and a lot of compassion, your new home will be their in no time!

Moving with pets is never easy, but there are some things pet owners can do to make the transition easier. Whether you are moving into your first house or downsizing with a cat, we can help make the transition easier. So to help celebrate National Cat Day, we thought we would go over some of our favorite tips and tricks to moving with pets. Let’s get to it!

Finding the Right House

The first part of any move starts with finding the right property. Think about your pet and their needs as well as your own. Older dogs, puppies, and dogs with house training problems need easier access to a yard than house trained dogs. Look for a home with a big yard that is easily accessible. While cats don’t go outside, they do like places to hide. When touring your potential properties look for places to put a cat tower and litter boxes.

Preparing Before Moving

Cats are notorious for hating change and anyone who has moved their furniture around at least once with a cat knows they will hide at the slightest bit of change. So before packing up your house, gather up moving boxes and put them in a central location where your cat likes to hang out. This will help them become used to the smell of the boxes and give them a chance to adjust to them. Do the same thing with the carriers or crates that you will use to transport your pets. Leave them around for a week or two and let them explore this new territory. Place their food into the carrier to make it easier to get them in. Pack an overnight bag filled with their water dish, food, food dish, litter box, fresh litter, a leash, and favorite toys. These items will be used your first night in your new home and will make your pet feel like they belong.

Moving Day

The day of the move, put your animals into the bathroom with everything they will need for the day. Tell the movers not to open the bathroom door and put a sign on it. This will help to make sure your furry friend doesn’t make a break for it while moving. Once the movers have emptied the house, slowly put your pet into their carrier and put them into your car. It is important not to let your pet out of the carrier outside of your home, including in the car. Many animals will feel more comfortable with a blanket over their carrier so they can’t see the environment changing around them. Set up as much as you can before moving your pet into the house. Set up your bedroom first so they will have some sense of home when they are let out of their carrier. Let them out slowly, giving them lots of attention as they check out their new home. Don’t pressure them to explore, let them do it on their own at their own pace.

Make sure you update their vet records, microchips, and tags with their new address as soon as possible. If it is possible, update microchip and tags before moving. If they are lost during transport or escape, they can be brought to your new home safely. Remember that all pets are different but they should all be transported as safely and as calmly as possible. For more information on finding your next pet-friendly home, call Simply Referable today!

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