Negotiating Repairs After an Inspection

Negotiating Repairs After an Inspection

When it comes time to negotiate the cost of inspection repairs, our negotiation techniques will help you get through.

Now that you and your Simply Referable real estate agent have walked through your potential home with a state certified home inspector, it is now time to make that hard decision: fight for the house or run for the hills. Inspections can bring up feelings of anxiety if the inspector finds things that are big. Your inspector could find things like faulty wiring, a non-permitted expansion of the home, or a roof that need replacing just to name a few. So if you decide to fight for this dream home, there are ways to negotiate for some of these repairs to be done. So what are some of our negotiation techniques? Check them out below!

Ask for Credit

By the time you have your inspection, the sellers are most likely making plans to move. With half of their home packed up or in storage, who wants to have repair work done on their home? Instead of asking the seller to do the work, ask for some money off the sale price or a cash-back credit at closing so you can use the money to complete the project yourself. This may seem like a hassle but so will going back and forth with the sellers to ensure the work is being done and done right. Hiring your own trusted contractor will be easier and quicker.

Keeping Silent Can Help You Later

As you walk through the home with your inspector and two agents, it can be tempting to talk about how excited you are to change this or that. But this excitement can turn around and bite you in the end. If the repairs you need to be done are something you are planning to do in a few years, the listing agent may bring that up to deny your credit request. Keep your dreams to yourself and you might be able to negotiate for repairs.

With the inspection report in hand, you could ask for thousands of dollars back at closing or a discounted price. With a Simply Referable real estate agent by your side, you’ll get everything you deserve when you move into your new home!

Negotiating for Repairs with Simply Referable

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