Painting Your Home to Sell

Painting your home

When selling your home, it is important to put your best foot forward and that includes painting your home.

Painting your home can give it the fresh look and feel that buyers will love. But when it comes to the colors of your home, do you really know what colors buyers will like and what they won’t? Let’s talk about some paint options for your residential property.

The Exterior

When looking for exterior colors, go as neutral as possible. While people like to think about a nice eggshell blue for the outside of their home, it can often feel overwhelming in such a big space. But sticking to a neutral color will let buyers think of a classical home and somewhere they can settle into. Look for a white or beige color to brighten up the outside of the home and let others see the beauty of it.

The Interior

When it comes to choosing interior colors, you cannot go wrong with earth tones. Shades of brown, green, blue, orange, and tans will warm up even the coldest parts of your home. They are bright and inviting to buyers because they feel warm and cozy. As an added bonus, many buyers will have furniture and furnishing to match these colors and will happily not have to repaint the space. Another shade that is often overlooked is gray. Gray is often used for a chic and sophisticated room and can be combined with any color furnishings. Gray can also be quite cheery when it is lighter and possibly mixed with another color like blue or green.


Painting the interior of your home an intense color like red, orange, or sunny yellow can frighten buyers away. These colors are often too intense for buyers and can many coats to cover. Avoiding these colors can help you win a sale. Avoid deep shades of any color and your home will feel bright and cheerful. You should also avoid a stock white color. White can often reflect too much light, leaving buyers feeling cold and empty. There are many colors available on the market and with the right one your home will be sold in no time!

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