Best Places to Retire to in Maryland

Retiring in Maryland

Retirement should be everything you want it to be. So retire in style on Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

While Maryland is one of the smallest states in the continental United States, it is also one of the most geographically diverse. You can ski in the beautiful mountains in the west, sail on the Atlantic Ocean in the east and hike and adventure through lush, creek-lined rolling hills in the very center of the state. Those seeking to retire have many more options in Maryland than they would in other states, especially those looking to retire and move into a new home near the water.  

Maryland and Waterfront Real Estate

Maryland touches three major bodies of water, the Potomac River estuary, Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you are looking into downsizing or waterfront real estate, you can find diverse options amongst Maryland’s 400 lakes, dozens of rivers, and 4,000 miles of shoreline.

Maryland’s Cities Are Cultural Hubs  

Baltimore has an opera, local theater, and excellent symphony. Annapolis, the Maryland state capital, has more 18th-century brick buildings within its borders than any other city in the United States and is only a short train ride or drive from the Nation’s Capital. If you are interested in downsizing and being part of the excitement of a vibrant city, these are excellent options.

Maryland Can Be Expensive, But Not If You Know Where to Retire to

When considering retirement and downsizing, it is important to take practical figures into account. The median Maryland home costs more than $225,000 and the cost of living is nearly 20% higher than the national average. Estate taxes and taxes on gas are fairly high. However, Maryland residents can afford this. Maryland residents have the highest median income in the nation, but the cities of Berlin, Annapolis, Easton, Oakland are affordable options for those who wish to retire but do not have a seven-figure nest egg.

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