The Cost of Selling Your Baltimore City Home

Selling your Baltimore City home

How much does selling your Baltimore City home cost? We can help!

When you speak with anyone who has just sold a home, there is a good chance you’ll hear them grumble about how their profits were undercut by unexpected expenses before and during the sales process. With some know-how and careful planning ahead, you can be prepared to make the most off of selling your Baltimore City home.  

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Goes A Long Way

A new paint job is one of the most cost-effective ways to freshen up the exterior and interior of your home and impress potential buyers. If you have recently painted this may not be necessary, unless you have utilized unusual colors. Neutrals are more universally crowd pleasing. Depending on the complexity of the job, doing as much of the painting as you can yourself will save you money.

The Importance of Staging

Staging is a necessary part of the process of selling a home in some parts of the U.S, and almost unknown in others. Staging your home involves having a decorator help declutter, reorganize, and possibly even refurnishing it after you’ve moved out. While studies show that people pay more for staged homes, the services of a professional stager can cost thousands of dollars.   

Get In Touch With Your Homeowners’ Insurance Carrier

Your insurance might not count when your home is technically “vacant”. If you are planning on moving long before your house has been sold, leaving a potentially significant chunk of “vacant” time for your home, ask for a rider to cover that period of time.

Consider Tax And Other Costs

Different cities and states have different taxes, so take that into account when selling. Depending on your location and the amount your home is worth, you may owe little-known taxes such as a transfer tax or capital gains tax. Your real estate agent will also be owed a commission, likely 5% to 6%.     

Selling Your Baltimore City Home with Simply Referable

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