Setting the Stage with Spring Staging Tips

Spring staging tips

Changing out your heavy drapes for light, sheer curtains will add light to your home!

From florals inside your home to pretty flowers in rows, your home should look bright and cheery when selling your home this spring. Spring is the time when most homeowners decide it is time for a change of venue so in this competitive market, it is important to make your home beautiful inside and out. Read on to discover some of our spring staging tips.

Out with the Old, In with the New

When staging your home, it is important to make it seem as light and airy as possible. Switch out your blankets for a fresh, lighter color that will help buyers think of spring and how clean the room is. Take down those old drapes and replace them with lighter sheer curtains that allow light into the room. While drapes are good to keep the howling winds of winter away, they can darken the room and make buyers assume there isn’t enough light. But with the switch from heavy fabric to light billowy fabric, your room will feel like spring. While you are in the linen section of the store, pick up some crisp white towels and shower curtains for your bathrooms. Just as hotels use white to underscore the cleanliness of the room, so should you in your bathrooms.


Cleaning your home from top to bottom is natural in the spring so give your home a scrub from top to bottom including your closet and under your beds. Cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms are extremely important when showing your home. Try to avoid strong smelling foods while your home is on the market. You should remember to keep dishes out of the sink and clothes off your floors at all times to show buyers there is ample storage. Cleaning your windows inside and out can help to maximize the light in your home and give buyers a better view of their future. Give your mirrors and any pictures left in the room a good shine to remove dust and help to reflect light. Polish your floors to a high gloss to make them shine.

Yard Work

Winter winds and storms may have blown stuff into your yard so make sure you spend some of the time staging outside. Set up some nice chairs on your patio or a bench out front. Take advantage of the time of year and plant some beautiful spring flowers out front or decorate with baskets hanging from your porch eves, just make sure they don’t block the view.

Small Touches

Small touches like bringing in fresh flowers or some fresh smelling room fragrances will help make buyers feel at home and make your home smell fantastic and spring-like. Swap out your old doormat for something with a spring theme to it.

When your home is being sold in a competitive market, every little touch counts. Get your home ready for the spring market with these spring staging tips and by calling Simply Referable today!

Spring Staging Tips with Simply Referable!

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