Staging Your Residential Home

Residential homes can sell quicker when they are staged.

Furniture should be the last part of your home’s staging process.

We have all heard about home staggers as a possible way to sell your residential home in a timely manner. The average home can stay on the market for one to three months. That same home, once staged, can spend up to 73 percent less time sitting on the market. Staging is a residential home marketing tool that lets buyers see the potential for the property. These changes can help you get more for your home and boost the market that your house could appeal to. Now that you know the facts, let’s get to work!

Curb Appeal Matters

Home staging does not begin and end with new furniture. While most people think this is the only way to stage a home, there are some other projects you should take care of before moving in the furniture. The first step is to take care of curb appeal. The first rule of curb appeal is to make sure your house looks presentable from the outside with a clean flowerbed and well cut lawn. Make the outside pop with a freshly painted door in a bold color. Make sure the door contrasts and coordinates with the color of your home. Replace warn hardware and make sure all handrails are in good repair. Decorations and outdoor touches should be used sparingly. Keep it simple with a classy wreath or outdoor furniture to show buys the potential for extended living space.

Keeping It Simple and Clean

This is an important step for potential buyers. If a buyer doesn’t feel comfortable in your home, they are not going to buy it and nothing makes people more uncomfortable than a dirty home. Concentrate on the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where people spend most of their time so make sure all of your appliances are in working order and are clean inside and out. Keep all accoutrements like potholders and dishtowels in drawers or under the cabinets. Pack rarely used items and put them into storage if there isn’t any space in your basement. The less clutter the better. Keep your bathroom clean and decluttered by hiding things like toiletries, makeup, and clothes. Repair rout if needed and keep the walls free of stains. Bedrooms and family rooms are the hardest to keep clean but it is a must for buyers. Make sure floors are clear of all clothing and toys. To help buys visualize their family living in your space, use a neutral paint color.

The goals of staging a home are to make it inviting to potential buyers. No one visualize themselves into a place with a ton of reminders that they do not live there. Do not have knickknacks cluttering up the areas of your home and keep family pictures to a minimum. To get started selling your home, call Simply Referable!

Simply Referable Can Help Find the Right Buyer for You

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