Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

Changing your locks before moving in

Now that you have your set of keys, it is time to change them for a new set!

Now that you have keys to your new Arbutus home, it is time to work on it before moving in. Although the house may look “move-in ready,” there are still a number of projects for you to do before moving into your new home. Read on to find out what your new to-do list is!

Changing the Locks

Unless you and the previous owner have an agreement for them staying over on the property, it is important for you to change the locks as soon as closing is over. Head to the hardware store for a new set of exterior locks or call a locksmith to change them for you. There are a lot of people who may have keys to your new home. From the previous owners to real estate agents to maintenance workers, your keys could be floating all around. So give yourself a peace of mind by changing out the locks immediately.

Get it Cleaned

We’re not saying the old owners were messy or left the house a disaster area, but cleaning your new home thoroughly before moving in will give you a sense that the house is truly ready for a new beginning. If you have a few weekends to clean, go through the house room by room and thoroughly clean the house. Dust every fixture, wash down all of the cabinets and counters, clean the bathrooms extremely well, polish the hardwood floors, steam clean carpets, and clean the vents, filters, and fans in every room. If you cringe at the idea of working this hard over the next few weekends, call in some professionals. A professional cleaning crew will be able to get the work done while you finalize your packing and get ready for your upcoming move. This is also the time to have your mechanical equipment cleaned and serviced before moving into the home. Make sure they are in running order before the upcoming seasons and that the filters are cleaned before you move in.


Let’s face it, no one likes to paint. Painting the walls and ceilings in your home is probably one of the worst home improvement jobs, but in order to make your new home feel like yours, it is a necessary evil. Before pouring the paint, go around the house looking for imperfections and prepare all of the surfaces for paint. Looks for cracks, holes, and other defects that could ruin your painting skills. This job can be a lot for one or two people. Invite your friends or relatives over to help you prep and paint. If they are unable to help, consider hiring a painting company to do it for you. Professional painters will do an excellent job while working quickly so you can move in sooner.

Closet and Cabinet Organizers

You love that walk-in closet but notice it is missing all of the lovely bins the previous owners had filling the shelves. Now that everything is painted, it is time to start organizing things the way you want them so it will be easier to move in. Most older homes have closets with a simple pole and shelf at the top but you may need more storage than that. Look at your favorite furniture or department store for organizational systems and over the door organizers for coats, scarves, or other items that could be hung up.

There are many different things you have to do before moving into your new home, but doing these projects will help make the house feel like your new home.

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