Tips for Selling Your House While Living There

Residential Sales

To sell your home, eliminate as much clutter as possible and show people the potential of your house!

We have all heard about the wonders of curb appeal, but there is more to selling your house than just the outside. Residential sales are not just about selling the exterior of a property, but selling what a home could mean to a potential buyer. So here are some tips for selling your house as the potential home!

The First Impression

The foyer is your chance to make a first impression to buyers. When a buyer walks in, they want a bright and cheerful home. Make sure all the light fixtures are dust-free and replace the light bulbs with a brighter watt to brighten up the space. Clean floors and put down a fresh welcome mat to greet buyers. To give buyers a “welcome home” feeling, try an air freshener with cinnamon or other pleasant aroma.

Living Room

This is the room where most of us spend the most time. It usually takes the place of a dining room, theater room, and game room. If your family uses this room for everything, it is important to keep it clean while your house is on the market. Start making it buyer friendly by removing all books, magazines, and toys from the room. If your carpet is loud, it might be in your best interest to replace it. If your house has a fireplace, it should be clean, working, and should not have anything blocking the view from it. Your walls should be a good condition. Remove pictures and personal affects to show buyers the potential of the house. Avoid dark areas by adding lamps and opening curtains. While the sectional and giant ottoman is a great idea for lying around on movie night, it can obstruct a buyer’s view of the floor space. To maximize floor space, put the ottoman and any extra pieces into storage to de-clutter the room.


Kitchens and bathrooms sell a house as a home. So upgrading your kitchen can help sell your house. Make sure all appliances are clean and free of old food and containers. Take down refrigerator decorations and clean the countertops. Replace broken appliances and fix any leaks and squeaks.


Bathrooms are a huge selling point for buyers. Make sure to maximize your bathroom’s potential by clearing the countertops. Stash items in drawers or under the sink. Clean, caulk, and grout tiles, and remove anything that will make the bathroom look dated or dirty.

The Master and Bedrooms

It can be hard to keep your bedroom clean, but let’s try. Make sure all clothes are hung up and put away. Make the closet seem bigger by removing your off-season clothes. Pack them and put them into storage. Ask children and teenagers to remove posters and pictures. Open up the curtains and allow natural light, but also add more lighting if needed.

The goal of selling a house is not just to sell the property; it is to sell someone a dream of having a perfect life after buying this home. Make sure all rooms are kept clean from the ceiling to the floors and your home will sell in no time!

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