To Do List: Moving Into Your New Home

Moving to do list

Before moving into your new home, there are some things you should do!

You finally have the keys in your hand and are dying to get settled into your new home. But before rushing out and hiring movers and family members to help you move this weekend, there are some things you should do before moving your furniture and boxes into the space.

Step One: Lock Swap

As soon as you have the clearance from the realtors and are sure the old owners have moved everything out of the home, the first thing to do is change the locks. You can either do this yourself or call a locksmith to change them for you. Between realtors, maintenance people, and the previous owners, you do not know how many sets of keys are floating around to your new house. This small expense will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Step Two: Cleaning Day

Although most people will vacuum and wipe things down before moving out of a home, some owners don’t. This is the perfect time to give your new home a thorough and deep cleaning it deserves. Hiring a cleaning service will get your home in shape for a fresh start. If you choose to do this yourself, start with a carpet cleaning, wipe down the walls and baseboards, as well as all fixtures. Don’t forget to wipe out the cabinets! This is also the perfect time to check for pests that could be roaming around your home. Look for evidence and if you notice any, call an exterminator for help.

Step Three: Painting

This is a great way to customize your new home. Whether you are choosing to hire a professional or do it yourself, painting while the house is empty will be easier than working around furniture. Prepping the walls and ceiling can be difficult work as you will need to fill in and sand holes, cracks, and other imperfections in order to make the walls perfect.

Step Four: Don’t Wait for an Emergency!

Check your new home for the circuit breaker and main shut off valve. Know the location of these incase a pipe bursts or the circuit breaks. If you need a special tool for either of these, talk with a local hardware store for the right tool.

Moving into a new home can be scary and exciting all at the same time. By doing these things, your home will be fresh and move-in ready!

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