Top Ways to Stop Scaring Your Buyers


Don’t send buyers running from your home this Halloween!

We all love Halloween but no one wants to scare away their potential buyers. Instead of focusing on the graveyard scenes in your front yard and other spooky decorations for Halloween, let’s focus on some ways to stop scaring off your potential buyers.

Overpricing Your Home

Overpricing your home almost guarantees you will scare away your buyers. Although it may make sense to overprice your home and slowly bring the price down, it is important to avoid this practice. Overpricing your home can scare away potential buyers who love your home but are afraid to even negotiate it. Try to stay in the same price range as your competitors and your home will be crawling with buyers.

Poor Curb Appeal

Don’t scare your buyers off with cheap decorations or a political sign in your front yard. As buyers drive by your home, the first thing they will notice is the curb appeal. This is why it is critical to keep your curb appeal nice and neat. Keep outdoor decorations to a minimum and avoid any decorations that are too grotesque. Yes, we all love that severed head attached to your mailbox but save that for next year.

Dirt and Grime

Run-Don’t Walk! If this is the first thing a buyer thinks when entering your home, then it is definitely time to get some help cleaning your home. Nothing scares off buyers faster than a mess or grimy buildup. Keep the buyers inside the house by making them feel comfortable in a clean, safe environment.

Take Off the Gas Masks and Get Rid of the Odor

While gas masks may seem like the perfect Halloween accessory, it is definitely not something you want buyers to wear inside your home. Pet, food, and mold odors can ruin the feel of an otherwise comfortable home. Get rid of the odors with candles, potpourri, and general cleaning.

By keeping Halloween decorations to a minimum and a bit of sprucing up, your home will be sold in no time. Think of the buyers and try not to scare them away. For more information on selling your home this haunted season, call Simply Referable today!

Don’t Scare the Buyers with Simply Referable

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