Are There Different Types of Home Inspections?

home inspections

There are many different types of home inspections you could need for your home.

Home inspections seem like a pretty straightforward process, right? The problem is, they are anything but simple. Home inspections take the time to process and you could end up needing more than one for your potential home. So besides the general inspection, what other types of home inspections are there?

Wood Destroying Pests

Termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles are all examples of wood destroying pests that could be eating away your potential home. When a general inspector suspects of these pests destroying the home, they will advise you to call in a pest inspector to check for dry rot as well as these insects.


Unlike modern chimneys, older ones don’t have a flue liner to help protect it from internal fire damage. Old chimneys could also have crumbling brick inside them as well that could be destroying it from the inside out. A chimney inspector will make sure the smoke is being discharged out of the top instead of being released back into your home.

Electrical and HVAC

Electrical and HVAC systems are two of the most requested specialty inspections available to your potential home. A general home inspector can tell you if an electrical box is older and needs to be brought up to city code but only an electrical inspector will be able to tell you the specifics and to replace the box for you. HVAC systems are one of the trickiest systems in a home to inspect because many of their components are inside large pieces of machinery. If the furnace or central air conditioning unit are malfunctioning an inspector will call in an expert to have it looked into.

Lead-Based Paint

Lead-based paint was banned by the Federal Government in 1978 but that didn’t keep homeowners and landlords from using it in their homes. It is your right as homeowners to have the home tested for lead. But to remove this hazard, you should use a certified lead abatement contractor.


A home inspector can tell you if your home was built on a slab on concrete or if it has a raised foundation. But they can’t tell you if the home is sliding on the concrete, if the foundation is faulty, or if there is damage to it. For this, you will need a certified foundation inspector.


A roof inspection is an important process. If the seller won’t pay for an inspection, make sure to hire your own roof inspector to tell you about the condition of the roof. Hiring a professional for this is key if you need to file a claim later on.

Water, Sewer, and Septic Systems

There are many different types of inspections in this category: water systems, plumbing, wells, sewer, and septic tank systems. These inspections are there to inspect all of the water coming and going from your home. For the water systems and plumbing problems, your inspector will call in a professional plumber if they suspect galvanized pipes in your home. These pipes can become very clogged over time and may need to be replaced. If the home isn’t on the public sewer line, it means the house has a septic system. Both of these systems may need to be investigated for problems. Wells will also need to be inspected for depth, construction, and water sanitation.


Mold is a huge health concern for many people especially if there are children coming to live in the home. Mold can cause health problems of all sorts and should be avoided when possible. A mold inspector will be able to differentiate the types of mold that could be growing in the home as well as to test the air for quality and spores that could be migrating to another part of the home.

These are just some of the specialty inspections you could run into when buying a home. For more information on the inspection process as well as the home buying process, call Simply Referable today!

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