What is Expected at Settlement?

Real Estate Settlement

There are some things you need to know about settlement before you get your new set of keys.

Now that you have gone through everything from the initial viewing to the inspection, it is now time to close on your new Halethorpe home. There are just a few minor details you will have to do before signing the final paperwork. Check out what is expected of you during settlement below!

Complete a Walkthrough

The first step in closing is another walkthrough of your almost home. Before the actual closing you and your family will have the ability to check over the property one more time to make sure it is in the condition it should be. This is an important step because if anything is wrong with the home, it is your last chance to call it to anyone’s attention.

Money, Money, Money

At closing, you will have to pay your share of the closing costs and the down payment. So make sure to bring a certified check or cashier’s check for the amount. This transaction is usually never done with a personal check so make sure you have the check before showing up to closing. Your lender will provide a lender’s check for the remaining balance that is due.

ID and Proof of Insurance

It is important to bring valid identification to the closing table so make sure to bring a state ID or passport. You will also need a copy of your homeowner’s insurance as well as the proof of payment. Your lender may want to review these papers before allowing you to close on the home.

Sign and Go!

To transfer ownership of the home, both the buyer and seller is required to sign several documents. You will be signing a purchase agreement, a promissory note for your loan, mortgage documents, title documents, settlement statement, and the truth in lending statement, which outlines the costs of your loan, amount financed, and payment schedule. The deed to the home will transfer ownership of the property to you when you sign all of these documents. Copies of these documents will be filed at the county recorder’s office but make sure to keep your own copies in a safe place.

Once all the paperwork is signed, it is time for you to get the keys. Now you are free to change the locks and move into your new Halethorpe home. There is no better feeling than walking into your new home, why not experience it yourself and hire Simply Referable to guide you there!

What to Expect at Settlement is Simply Referable!

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