A Luxury Closet for Your Home

Adding value with a luxury closet

When renovating a closet, choosing to give your buyers a luxury closet will add value to your home!

Whether you are renovating your current house to list it on the real estate market or a homebuyer looking for a new luxury home, one star on everyone’s wish list is a luxurious closet. But what makes it a luxury closet? Well, let’s check out some ways luxury closets “wow” owners as well as how you can make a luxury closet of your own!

Wide Open Spaces

A luxury closet isn’t just a hole in the wall where you hang your pants and dress shirts. In reality, it is another room of your house for your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. One thing that draws everyone to a luxury closet is the space. In today’s world, a small closet with six shirts and five pairs of pants will not. People want a large space where they can not only store their clothing and essentials, but spend time getting dressed or lounging before going out for the day.

Light and Bright

Another feature your luxury closet must have is plenty of light. Whether your closet has natural light coming from the windows, wall sconces, or even chandeliers, the space must be bright and feel fresh. Having a dark closet will leave potential buyers feeling drab and down about the waste of space. But adding light to your closet will help to bring it to life.

The Little Touches

Buyers will love your attention to details. Put glass knobs on the built in cupboards and draws. Putting an island with a stone countertop into the space if room allows will add extra storage as well as room to organize things. If you incorporate seating, think about choosing a luxurious fabric like silk, satin, or velvet to send the luxury factor up. A show rack that displays shoes will also be appreciated by buyers for its organization.

A closet must have plenty of space in order to be considered luxury. But it is not just about the space, it is about the little touches you put into your closet that will make it luxurious and fashionable. Skipping the small details would ruin the breathtaking effect buyers want from their potential new home. So when renovating or looking for a new home, look for the little details and you will know you’ve arrived home!

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