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  • Jeremy Walsh

    CEO/Team Leader

  • Jaime Mazerski

    Operations Leader

  • PJ DiMartino


  • Jennifer Ramey


Looking to Grow?

  • “I feel fully supported with Simply Referable. I came to this career wanting a team atmosphere. One with leadership, mentorship, self growth, opportunities, and down to earth people, and that’s what we have. I can be me and continue to learn and grow.”

  • “The SR team is a place where I have grown in every area of my life, not just real estate. There is so much value on this team and I am constantly growing and learning. If I were to be a single agent, I would never have the same amount of opportunities and motivation. The SR team also feels like family to me. Everyone on the team pushes me to be a better person every day.”

  • “We Care More. It’s right there in our slogan, the people alone are enough to make anyone want to be a part of this organization. We serve our agents first so that they can serve their clients best. We provide the support, training, and leadership needed to explode your business and push our team to be the best version of themselves. We hold each other accountable because we know what it takes to be successful, not only in business, but in all aspects of life.”

  • We Are Not for Everyone

    WE ARE NOT… For the content. The satisfied. The settled. For those who have resolved themselves to the current state of affairs. For those who go with the flow, bend with the wind, travel in the direction of the current.

    HERE… Achievers meet to take back control, own up to their responsibility, and decide to invent their fate. We don’t believe in luck – we make our own.

    WE ARE… Leaders of ourselves. Leaders in our community. Leaders in our industry.

    WE ARE NOT… Here to make a sale. We are here to build relationships, serve the community, and help others reach their goals.

    HERE… We communicate to our clients and community and build relationships. Every day of every week.

    WE ARE… Connectors. We know that the best way to build a business is together.

    WE ARE NOT… For 99% of agents. Because being an achiever, a striver, a leader is hardwork.

    HERE… We believe in accountability, activity, and attitude. Here is where leaders meet and push each other to be better every day.

    WE ARE… Strivers. We are not happy with good enough. For us, good enough is NOT good enough. We have bold visions and audacious goals. We back that up with relentless drive and courageous, consistent, and obsessive action.

    WE ARE NOT… For the timid or faint of heart.

    HERE… We get paid for results.

  • What We Believe

    We believe in attitude. Your approach and mindset will determine your outcome. We believe in massive activity. We track our progress and results.

    We believe in accountability to self, each other, and our team. No excuses. Own it.

    We believe in excellence. We have zero tolerance for mediocrity.

    We believe in growth. Better is always possible each and every day.

    We believe in consistency. It builds competency → trust → relationship → referral.

    We believe in whole life success. Having a great business is only one part of having a great life. We believe in giving. It is in giving that we receive.

    We believe in serving our team, clients, and community.

    We believe in being Simply Referable. We deliver an experience that makes people gladly and proactively want to tell others about us.

    We believe there are two purposes to life. We are born to serve and born to grow. We focus on that daily and, as a result, have the most fulfilled agents who live the most fulfilled lives.

  • What We Don't Believe

    We don’t believe in excuses. Step up or step aside.

    We don’t believe in chasing new technology. We focus on the tried and true fundamentals.

    We don’t believe in settling for less than the best version of ourselves. We learn, train, and prepare vigorously.

    We don’t believe in taking the easy way out. We do the right thing even if it’s hard or costs us a sale.

    We don’t believe in what’s popular. Popular is the average. Average is mediocre. We abhor mediocrity.