A Perfect Moving Day


How to Organize Your Move

Getting organized is half the battle of moving. But with a little planning, your move will be perfect!

You just settled on your new house and your Simply Referable real estate agent just handed you the keys. The countdown to your 60-day move just began. So what do you do now? Moving is stressful and exciting all at once. But we are here to help you get your entire house organized and moved seamlessly. So let’s check out the moving checklist!

Two Months Out

The weekend after you sign your closing documents is going to be busy. The first thing you should do is to sort and purge your house. Go through your house and decide what you’d like to keep and what to get rid of. If you think the stuff you’d like to get rid of could benefit someone else, give it to a charity or hold a yard sale. Next on the list is to research. You will need to find a moving company to make your move easy so do your research. Look at reputable companies and don’t be afraid to ask for references. Make sure they send someone out to your house for a written estimate. Now get organized. This is the perfect time to put all of your receipts, estimates, and your home inventory list into a binder. Also, put in your children’s school papers if they have to move to another school.

Five Weeks Out

Start gather supplies like boxes, take, bubble wrap, and markers. Get wardrobe boxes to make transferring closets easy and boxes for your dishes. It is now time to use it or lose it. Start using up things you can’t or don’t want to move like food and cleaning supplies. You should also visit your new home. If the previous owners have moved out, hire someone to clean the house for you. Look into painting options and measure the rooms and doors to make sure everything will fit into the house.

One Month Out

Now that you have several estimates from moving companies, now it is time to select the movers and make arrangements for moving day. It is also time to start packing. Start with items you don’t use often and can live without for a month like seasonal items and kitchen appliances you don’t use. Label your boxes with bright colored tape as well as a marker to make sure the movers can tell where the boxes are going. Keep track of the colors so you know where they should go as well. Now is also the time to change your addresses. Go to your local post office or to the website to change your address. You should also change your information with your utilities, banks, human resources office, subscription companies, insurances, credit cards, and the Motor Vehicle Administration. Another thing to think about doing to taking some time off work for the move. Think about taking three days to move: the day before, moving day, and the day after. These days will give you time to pack any last minute items you may need and will help you get your life back to normal after the movers have left.

One and Two Weeks Out

Two weeks before the move, contact your moving company to confirm the details of your move as well as to ask about any questions you may have. One week before moving day, pack your essentials box. You should have at least two changes of clothes, hygiene products, stuff for your pets, medicines, and clean bedding. These items should last you throughout the move until you are finally unpacked. In the days before the move, defrost the freezer, throw away any remaining food, and double check any details that could have been missed. Print out directions to your new home for the moving company and organize payment options and tips for the movers.


These tips and checklists will help to make your move as seamless as possible. After all of this planning, you may be exhausted but everything will be moved and you can get settled into your new home!

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