10 Real Estate Terms Everyone Should Know

Real estate terms can send your head spinning, but there are some terms that could save you and your real estate deal in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of these terms.

What Makes Up a Comparative Market Analysis?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is one of the most widely used and most reliable methods of estimating the true value of a property. A CMA details the property into its essential characteristics like a number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and the square footage of your home and lot. It will use these details to compare

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Common Seller Pricing Objections

Listing your home on the market is a huge step for any homeowner. But this step does not come without its challenges. When pricing your home, it is important not to over- or underprice the property. But what happens when you think your home is worth more than it is? Let’s take a moment to

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What are HOA Fees?

Purchasing a new home is a new adventure, but this new adventure could mean some new costs. Many new and existing homes have HOA fees attached to them. But what exactly are HOA fees and what do they cover? Let’s take a look!

Remodeling Projects to Add Resale Value

You’ve been thinking about selling your home for a while. But as you look around, you can’t help but notice so many projects need to be done before listing your property. So where do you start remodeling your home to get the most resale value? Read on to find out what projects you should be

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Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

Now that you have keys to your new Arbutus home, it is time to work on it before moving in. Although the house may look “move-in ready,” there are still a number of projects for you to do before moving into your new home. Read on to find out what your new to-do list is!

Buying a Home: Part 2

Now that we have discussed finding the best mortgage, a neighborhood, and a real estate agent, it is now time to start shopping for a home. Let’s jump right in!

Buying a Home 101: Part 1

There is a lot of websites out there that will tell you that buying a home is easy. But the that isn’t always the case for most Marylanders. Buying a home does not happen overnight and it is not a quick process. Let’s go over some steps you will need to take in order to

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Setting the Stage with Spring Staging Tips

From florals inside your home to pretty flowers in rows, your home should look bright and cheery when selling your home this spring. Spring is the time when most homeowners decide it is time for a change of venue so in this competitive market, it is important to make your home beautiful inside and out.

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Best Baltimore Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

As the final college graduates from 2015 start moving out on their own, it may be time for them to decide where they want to live. These young hopefuls are no doubt searching all over Maryland for their perfect homes. Well, look no further. Baltimore is now the place for young professionals to live and

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