Decluttering Your Halethorpe Home to Sell


Decluttering Your Halethorpe Home

Clearing out your home’s clutter should not just be an inside project. Don’t forget to clean our your Halethorpe garage and shed as well!

As you list your home for sale, now is the perfect time to declutter your Halethorpe home. Not only will this process help you get emotionally ready to move out, but it will help buyers see the true potential of your home. Buyers will see the features of your property without being distracted by decorations or pictures. When your home is cluttered with extra furniture, knickknacks, and other items, buyers won’t be able to see the condition of the walls and floors, making it harder to judge the home. Now that you know why you should be decluttering your Halethorpe home, how do you do it?

Different Types of Clutter

There are two different kinds of clutter: genuine clutter, items that don’t fit into a space, and items you want to keep but won’t work while selling your home. Genuine clutter should be gotten rid of. If something doesn’t fit into your space, you don’t use it, and don’t really like it, it is time to get rid of it. Remember that you have to pay for everything you pack up and transport to your new home so now is the perfect time to get rid of those close you never wear and that ugly statue your great aunt gave you. Any items you want to keep but that are cluttering up your home should be stored out of sight from potential buyers. These items could be using a room for an incorrect purpose, items too large or small for the space, personal effects or collections, and extra items that could make the home feel cramped. If your items are mislabeling a bedroom as a workout room or a TV room, store your TV and workout stuff for the time being. Buyers might love the idea of a workout space but taking up a bedroom is not the way to showcase this area. The purpose of showing your home is to let buyers see as much space as possible but with clutter blocking the best points in your home, how will it attract the right buyer?

Room by Room

The first thing to do when decluttering your home is to go room by room with a critical eye. Look for things that don’t have a purpose in your rooms and decide if they should be thrown away, giving away, or stored until you move. Start in the kitchen and dining rooms. Clear off the counters of all of your appliances you don’t use every day. Put away the soap and sponges until you need them and keep your sink clear of dishes. Anything that is covering your fridge like magnets, notes, and photos should be removed. Make sure nothing is on top of your fridge either. Everyone has that “junk drawer” of old batteries, glue, and other questionable items you have no idea what else to do with. Clean out the junk drawer and keep what is useful in a box until moving day. Clear off your bathroom counters and store all of your daily items in a bag for easy access. Use the spaces under your bed with a bed skirt to hide items. Store them at your friends or family member’s home or rent a storage unit until moving day.

Decluttering your home will let buyers see your home for what it really is. Don’t let clutter ruin the appearance of your home or the way it makes buyers feel. For more information on selling your decluttered Halethorpe home, call Simply Referable today!

Decluttering with Simply Referable

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