Pictures to Take at an Open House

Comparing houses with pictures

Taking pictures of your potential houses will help you compare and contrast them later on!

The average buyer will see around five or six homes during their time searching the market. This isn’t to say you will only see five houses. Many buyers will see more while some buyers will see fewer homes. At the end of yet another viewing day, can you recall how many homes you saw and what you liked about each of them? If your memory is perfect, you might be able to recall the flaws better than the positives. This is way many real estate agents suggest taking pictures. These pictures will give you a reference point of what you liked and what needs to be changed in order to make this house your potential home. So, let’s discuss what kind of pictures you should be taking.

Your “Must Haves”

When you tell your Simply Referable real estate agent things you are looking for in a home, what was your answer? Maybe a two car garage, a walk-in pantry, a double vanity in the master bathroom, a separate dining room? These are things you should be taking pictures of. These pictures will help you decide which ones have those “must haves” and which ones don’t. Make sure you take pictures of these areas in every house you visit so you can compare them later. If you have a picture of the master bathroom and the kitchen, make sure you do so in every house to get a clear picture of what you are looking at.

Heavy-Use Areas

There are some areas of a house that will get more action than others and will need more TLC than other rooms. Make sure to photograph those areas of the houses to see where the work will need to be done in case you need to adjust your offer. Areas like the front entrance way, the kitchen, bathrooms, and the backyard are all areas that typically need plenty of work.

Typical Problem Areas

It is important to know what you are getting into when buying a house. So snap pictures of areas that could be a problem. Take pictures of the electrical panel, under the sinks, the stains on the walls and ceilings, and the roof from different angles. This will help you see any past or present problems that should be addressed before moving forward with the offer.

The Extras

There may be some elements of the home that make you marvel at the thoughtfulness. Things like a vessel sink in the master bath or the porch swing. These are things that make a house into a home. Snap a picture of the elements to capture the feeling of the house. This will help you remember what you love, but could do without, in a house. It is also helpful to take pictures of the appliances to estimate their value and lifespan later on. Get a picture of the make and model number if possible. And finally, get a picture of the address. This will help you remember what pictures were from what house. Take a picture of the address before entering the house and one before leaving to have a start and a finish before the next home.

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