Tips for Selling Your Home this Fall

Fall house selling tips

Making sure your home is brightly lit can help it sell faster. Check out our other home selling tips!

When you decide to list your residential property for sale in the fall months, it can be hard to sell. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. It will take patience and some know-how in order to get your home sold before the spring. Let’s take a look at these house selling tips!

Pricing Right

No one can stress the importance of pricing your home correctly enough. Pricing your home correctly, whether it is a luxury home or a two-bedroom condo, is extremely important. Starting your home at a reasonable price will help you stay in line with your competition and will help draw buyers to your house. To know if your home is priced right, look at the comps in size, market, and amenities.

Curb Appeal is Everything

The outside of your house is the first thing a buyer is going to see. Keep your lawn raked free of leaves and the sidewalks and entry ways are free of snow and ice. Don’t let your buyers leave with a fall as their only impression of the property. Since it starts to get dark earlier in the fall and winter, make sure to add lights to the outside of your home. Line the driveway and walkways with solar lanterns to give you house a homey glow and to make it feel safe. Make sure you house is well lit inside and outside to make the best impression.


As much as your friends and family enjoy seeing the picture of your children in the bathtub hanging on the wall, it is definitely something buyers are not interested in seeing. Since you are going to be moving anyway, start packing up your pictures and personal items first so your guests can start to imagine their stuff in the space. If your home seems too bland without these items, put up tasteful landscape pictures instead to open up the room a little. Get rid of that funny-yet-rude pillow you bought on a whim, make your bed and make sure your home is altogether tidy.


If you must do any renovations, make sure to focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. Change out the countertops, backsplashes, and re-grout the tiles. Small updates are better than whole house renovations and you’ll be sure to get your money back on the kitchen and bathrooms. Check for cracks in your foundation or call in an inspector for a pre-listing inspection. An inspection now could save you on a lost sale tomorrow.


Your house should look and feel comfortable to potential buyers. Remember that buyers will come into your house with their coats on prepared for winter weather. Turning your heat up too high could make them rush through the tour just to leave the house. Leave your heat on a comfortable level so buyers can take their time touring.

There are several things you can do to help your home sell faster. By following these tips, your home will be off the market again in no time! For more information on selling your home, call Simply Referable today!

Selling Your Home with Simply Referable!

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