Tips for a Successful Open House

Successful tips for an open house

An open house is vital to selling any home so let’s do it right!

Think of your open house as your home’s introduction to buyers, other sellers, and real estate agents. This is the first time these people will be seeing your house so it is extremely important to put its best foot forward and to make a good first impression. Here are some things you should be doing before and the day of your house’s market debut.

The Weekend Before

We all put off those outdoor chores until the outside of our house looks like a jungle, but it is extremely important to get your chores done before Tarzan swings in. Your home will need to look its best and that means curb appeal is everything. Mowing the lawn, trimming the flowers and shrubs, and even pruning the trees can make a good impression. Decluttering your yard and porch will help buyers be able to see their own furniture and items in the yard. Maximize the space of your front porch by only putting out minimal chairs and plants. If it seems cramped to you, your potential buyers will see it as too small. This is also the time to make arrangements for your children and animals. It is important the buyers aren’t jumped on the day of by either of them. Make a plan to take the kids to the zoo and your pets to the vet for a six months checkup.

The Day Before the Open House

This is your day to spot clean the house. Put away personal items by storing them under beds or in extra drawers. Do not put anything into your already full closet as it will make it seem smaller. If your home is already limited on space, put them in the trunk of your car. Let buyers be able to picture themselves in the house. As much as you love your picture from your first cruise, it might not help sell your home. Put it in a box and put it back up once the open house is finished. Make sure to wipe down all appliances and to free up counter space in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Day of the Open House

This is a good time to go and get your nails done or to run other errands. As much as you are curious about what buyers are saying about your house, it is a good idea not to be there during the open house so buyers can feel free to say what they truly feel. If you can’t control your curiosity, leave comment cards for people to fill out. Serving food is often a topic of discussion. Some realtors recommend it because it makes the house smell good and can keep buyers there to talk about their needs with the realtor on hand. Setting out trays of cookies, donuts, coffee, and water can keep buyers around and lets them ask questions about the house.

Selling a house is stressful but with an amazing first open house, your house can sell quickly and without incident!

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